Wednesday, January 15, 2003

why is it that every time i think about writing fiction the first image that creeps in my head is someone crouched underneath a tree like those hobbits in fellowship with bombs dropping in the distance?

web sites whose probable non-existence makes me sure the full promise of the internet has not yet been fullfilled: (sharon or little mermaid)

and a somewhat private note that I can't put on someone else's blog because she doesn't have a commenting thing: in reverse order:
3) I know. you got a problem with that?
2) yes, in an existential way. but to continue the metaphor the funny sentences are actually broken down into component words and letters and either pissed out (metaphorically, of course) or recycled into new funny sentences. but they lose any chance to grow into anything greater in the fertile, nutrient-ritch ovum of your commenting system.
1) i was too late for yaccs as well. i sucked it up and went with enetation but there's something called kilinkfamily which is new and a bunch of others and that's not really any excuse now is it? feel free to respond in the comments thing, babe. that's what it's for.

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