Friday, March 07, 2003

French Kicks Pics: NYC 3/6/03

hugh mcintosh is leaving las vegas in a bloody sweaty heap. jesus, dude. picture by jinner.

art by my boy, and ex-recoy, Damon Hege. if you are in nyc over the next 2 weeks go check out his show.

sounds like the french kicks show last night in nyc was a recoys reunion. jinners makes me miss my friends. did i make the wrong move coming out here to los angeles when so many people i love are back east? no, i am claiming more territory for the home team and working towards the eventual world domination.

enjoy one of these last weekends of the 'before time,' the 'long long ago.' remember what the air smells like, and how the sun feels on your skin. remember your family. call them just to say hi. surprise one friend you haven't talked to in months with a long distance phone call. walk around your neighborhood for hours with nowhere to go.

Monday, March 03, 2003

so i heard on the news today that the airlines are going to start "color-coding" their passengers by perceived security threat level, either green, yellow, or red. frequent fliers will get a badge to wear in the airport: apparently, the green ones are shaped like crosses, the yellow ones like stars of david, and the red ones like crescent moons. (insert .mp3 of a rimshot). seriously, i need a sidekick to bounce these things off, or an animated bandleader or something. maybe i could talk the microsoft word 'paperclip wizard' into being my straight man.

here's an example of what you're missing by not hanging out with us over at the realistic records message boards:
"i'm serious about berlin. i'm going to apply and if i can't get into a program i'll go anyway. it would be nice to be surrounded by people who hate bush, even if they have bad taste in music."

cheers to el. jeers to w.

Sunday, March 02, 2003

great weekend. i did nothing productive and loved it. thank god february is over. the month is brutal and possibly actually evil. it was deliberately kept short to contain that evil. i mean we wake up 2/1/03 and the fucking space shuttle has exploded. welcome to february. yeah it was my birthday and a bunch of other peoples' but in my estimation that just establishes the goodness of the month of may, when our parents were fucking, and says nothing about february. everyone i know or read everyday was at some point this month in a deep funk and bad things were happening left and right. i think last week was possibly the longest week of my life, and the worst part that there was no good reason for it.

here's a review of the scene creamers record that i wrote.