Friday, November 29, 2002

gobble f'n gobble

i am bruised and battered from the annual post-thanksgiving tackle football game. no broken bones on me, just bumps, but we did send 2 of 20 players to the hospital. there was one torn ACL and one lip busted to the point of needing stitches. the ACL in question was already sprained, so i don't know if that should really count.

it is so good to be out of LA for a minute, experiencing actual weather and a city with greenspace and no freeways, to see all my people and gorge myself on turkey.

tonight i'm going to a young alumni billiards party. i went last year, and it was possibly the most awkward 3 hours of my life. I spent 20 minutes of one 30 minute conversation trying to remember this girls name -- the sad part is that i had dated her for a few months in 8th grade. everyone looks weird and is fat or has beards and wack jobs and the tension is so thick that everyone gets plastered. somehow i talked most of the kids who were too cool to go last year into showing up so maybe we can at least have a safe corner this year.