Friday, May 09, 2003

smells from my youth have been hitting me this week.
the ghosts of hollywood are back, rustling leaves.
i feel summer creeping in and creeping out again.
i can't wait to dance with you tonight.
i can't wait to roam the streets, laser-eyed looking for that smile.
i'm in love with the feeling that shines through, in your eyes.

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

added to my list

last night i added another task to my list. before i die, i want to write a 5 act shakespearian comedy about the birth of hip-hop, set around the time of a midsummer night's dream but with a plot that mirrors the bronx and nyc in the late 70's. sideplots on public art and dance and ending with the 16th (?) century version of Kool Herc's first block parties. the catch? all the dialog is taken from rap lyrics.

Thaddeus: Can I tell them that I never really had a gun? That it's the bass that the Terminator X spun?
{exit Thaddeus}
{a crowd begins to assemble in the public square. The king appears on the balcony.}
King: It's been a long time, I should not have left you....
{the king gives a speach. I don't have time to write it now. suffice to say it;s made up of rap lyrics. his speach is over. the crowd does not disperse. he turns to his legion.}
King: Move the crowd! Move the crowd!
{the legion disperses the crowd. exeunt.}

oh, and this sentence is from a piece about the strokes. read the whole thing. link from jinners:
And the simple word 'please,' from the golden throat of James Brown is pure miserable sexual longing from the dawn of creation to the end of time in the entire universe, from apple blossoms calling out to bees to whales fucking in the oceans to grizzly bears, sharks, rhinoceroses, mountain goats, zebras, frogs, flies, all of us desperately needing it, and James Brown tying it all up in that one little word as if God only clove us into two unfathomable sexes and made it impossible for us to understand each other just so He could hear James Brown stretch that one little word into a spider's web, hang it between two distant stars and try to cinch them together with just that one word: 'please'.