Monday, December 02, 2002

alissa it was great to see you.
dc you are cold and noble and reasonably sized as far as cities go.
la you are warm and overwhelming and so big and like the bible people use you for shallow and selfish purpose, to enrich themselves or chase after their own warped fantasies of immortality, but you, too, are noble. and like the bible you are probably worth spending the time to get to know well.
norman mailer you were right in '68, allen ginsberg likely will be remembered by posterity a better, or more important, poet than lowell.
allen ginsberg thanks again for the sunflower sutra because it's been there many times when i have needed it.
liz how is wild sheep chase? it's one of the murakami books i haven't read and i'm curious.
everybody watch for 'a sonnet a week,' a possible new feature of this site designed to make your justice even more affordable. iambic pentameter is back with a vengeance for the '03. word.