Thursday, July 25, 2002

what up. went to a show on monday at the smell. erase errata w/ the sharp ease and some other bands. fun. thursday already. not sleeping well this week. it's the full moon, which comes up every night big and orange then sits outside my window laughing and keeping me up. at least it's not my upstairs neighbor fighting with her man anymore. it's all on me, and i don't have to lie in bed half or a third asleep wondering where the lines between discretion, exhaustion, worry, and annoyance are and how that ven-ish diagram relates to whether to call the cops to shut them up/check that they're ok and not killing each other or just wait till they shut up/die so i can fucking sleep. that happened last week.

watched the first 75 minuted of CQ last night. I'm glad the copy i saw didn't have more. it looked cool but was pretty fucking boring.

because of the full moon i expect a wild weekend.