Friday, April 25, 2003


one more reason to love the everywhere, because this is deep. flash required.

Thursday, April 24, 2003

(s)wish me luck at court tomorrow morning
the World as a Blog

i hate to get meta and bloggy on you but this is pretty fucking cool: real time blog posts from around the world projected onto a map.

I'm going to be busy today getting all sorts of shit done before i co to court tomorrow morning and to coachella this weekend, but hopefully i'll be back later today/tonight to go off on why it is not such a bad thing that a lot of rock musicians are taking themselves seriously these days.

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

did i ruin 4100 bar? because ever after i wrote about the night when kiefer s-land was bartending it's been packed with westsiders, and they mentioned the kiefer thing in the Blender article about silverlake being the #3 most rock and roll town in the country. i wasn't the only person who saw it, but i was likely the first to mention it in 'print.' and then the rush. there's always an f'n line. i don't really care cause i hated the place to begin with. but from here on out i will not mention certain spots by their proper names.

check out the 'saving los angeles' article in fader this month. it's like the blender silverlake articke except not bullshit. and like half the people in the pictures are my drinking buddies. it's kinda weird. there are a couple other of my peeps sprinkled through the rest of the issue too. it's actually really weird. pete bauer got hosed in the startime picture though, he's entirely covered by someone's middle finger in a group shot.
congratulations hayley.

word to nina simone.

love to the bar i am not allowed to name.

word to the women who never look the same.

word to cem. this will be the best trip of my life, and i'm not even going on it.

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Personal space in cruising cocoons

this is the best breakdown of what it's like to live in LA that i've read in a while. (registration required):

"Los Angeles is all about being in a city but not of it. Or at least not a city as defined by everything leading up to the 21st century. The gossiping front stoops of Baltimore; the laundry strung between buildings like birthday banners on Chicago's South Side; the living, breathing, briefcase-toting sidewalks of Manhattan -- in the American imagination this is City, but it is not the city of our choosing."

Monday, April 21, 2003

another monday morning, with everything broken, after another weekend rocked a bit too hard: 2 shows, 1 party thick with hipsters, and an easter afternoon filled with plastic eggs with tequila in them.

here's what i learned this weekend:

It is not necessarily in your best interests to befriend the bartender everywhere you go. (a gin and tonic should have some tonic in it if you want to retain your composure).

a corollary: the sleeves on a t-shirt were not designed to be worn on one's head.

have a few drinks before it's time to decide who drives. it's a subtle way of putting your finger on your nose before anyone else.

the faint are kinda boring, but les savy fav are more rockiner than most. according to jinners they are apparently also quite skilled at erotic photo hunt. after seing them that doesn't surprise me.

this will ruin my life. with entertainment.

if you know who the tamale guy is, you should read the article in blender this month about silver lake being the third most rock and roll town in the country. you don't need to actually buy the issue, though. blender honks.

it's nice to take a week off anything.
how meta can you get?

instead of file sharing, it's friend sharing, and you can leave 'testimonials' about how cool or slutty or annoying your friends are like they were e-bay sellers. anyway:


to find me on it search for
the fuck?

edit: fixed. weird.