Wednesday, February 04, 2004

low culture: The Naked and the Dead via wonkette, aka 'DC's gawker,' which, whatever, but i like it (wonkette, i mean) because I'm both a sleazeball and a civics dork.
tomorrow, tomorrow...
it's a whole new season
and not just in the NFL

so i guess there's some catching up to do, and some remainders to throw down, and well, I'll be all over the place for a day or two, so take a second and then dive in. there's no other option.

the panthers covered the spread (more than i can say for janet) and made me richer by $20. thank you stephen davis. i believe that fellow carolinian john edwards will also cover the spread but will also not be able to eek it out in the long run.

as we enter what has been the most exciting and uplifting part of the Washington Redskins' football year, the offseason, I would like to ceremonially link to this picture. joe gibbs joe gibbs joe gibbs. also, joe bugel, Ernie Zampese, earnest byner. go redskins. (Darrell Green).

now that that's out of the way....

as I mentioned earlier, all signs point to a Kerry/Edwards ticket. the deanies can remember the alamo, conveiently located near seattle (or detroit) this year, in 4 to 8 years, if they so choose.

it's too early to really handicap the november vote. but here are some factors to watch as they develop:

in the democrats favor:

kerry's military record v. bush's lack thereof. currently bubbling up in the media, but this'll be in front of people for a long time.

CIA Plame/Novak/Rove/Cheney leak probe concurrent w/ presidential investigation into pre-war intelligence. Even when your dad ran the CIA for a while, and is the highest ranking mason in the country, it's bad form to have two White House v. CIA investigations going on at the same time during an election year. blood will be spilled, and even if it's not W.'s, there will be blood on his hands.

a bush challenge from the right. it looks like judge roy moore, who created a stir by refusing to remove that ten commandments monument from the courthouse in alabama, might make a run for the white house. considering the flack the president has been getting recently from ideological conservatives, rightly flumoxed by poll-driven policy moves (NEA funding, immigrant amnesty), a loack of fiscal discipline, etc., moore could get enough support to be significant in close states.

in bush's favor:

$100,000,000. aka the approx. cash on hand of the bush campaign. that's a lot of cheetos.

el has been doing a rundown of our trip to New Hampshire. it is spectacular.

the posthumous recoys album that was released last year on vinyl has arrived in CD form. it will soon be available via mail-order here.

a new album by my friends the walkmen was released yesterday. it is highly recommended. my jam on the record is "hang on, siobhan." I am actually thanked in the liner notes for my driving and tour managing prowess. you're welcome, boys, and thanks for fulfilling one of my long-time dreams (since I was 10 or so) of being thanked in the liner notes to something. I can now cross that off my list of things to do before i die. next on the list is having sex in outer space, and it is high time i started working on that one.

speaking of travel, I'll be tour managing for the walkies again on this coming west coast tour. come and visit me at the t-shirt booth if you come to any of the shows. I will have a laptop with me this time and will try and be a bit more timely on covering the tour and the election.

it looks like george mcgovern is tired of being kicked around as a code word for a democratic disaster.

congratulations to john kerry and his organization, and congratulations to tom brady and his.