Saturday, February 15, 2003

weekend update: there is now a forum system set up for all my friends and all true friends of rock and roll at the realistic records website.

Friday, February 14, 2003

well, the rains are gone and it's back to lovely southern california sunshine. thank god. i was getting tired for wearing a jacket after two days.

we're working on the trailer for a film set in france, so one of my jobs today is to listen to lots of 60's french sleaze like serge gainsbourg to find the perfect track for the trailer. quite pleasant. nothing like "je t'aime... moi non plus" at the reception desk at the office to set that valentines day mood.

oh how well i will sleep this weekend.

anyone have a copy of the first french kicks record (the four song self titled thing) they want to part with?

i think i can get damn near $300 on e-bay for an old eminem record i bought before he got signed. thank you, you crazy white boy.

happy valentines day to everyone i love, you know who you are.

Thursday, February 13, 2003

beliingham, washington, continued:

the lighting (especially the sign in the back) made these some of my favorite shots.

don't front.

dante works hard for your money.

and, finally, seattle, washington:
matt barrick lets his hair down or what too much time on the road can do to some people.

peace and we're out. after the last show of the tour. but wait, there's an after party at the hotel....

"i'd drink a toddler's piss if if meant i could be off this tour and on a steel bird home tomorrow." you got your wish, peter, you got your wish.

thanks again to everyone who pretended to like me while we were on tour together.
sacramento, california.

bellingham, washington:
pete looks like a 36 year old pugilist.
hutch from the thermals.
"hey guys let's get one nice one, then we can do a fun one...."
before more pictures, a few notes:

the website for my label, realistic records, is up and running. if you can't reach it, it means that for whatever reason the DNS servers don't know where it is yet so just wait a few hours or a day and you'll get there. it's not pretty, but it's there.

jinners: yes, that's me.

thank god for presidents, except our current one, for providing me with a paid holiday when i so desperately need one. you should have heard my back crack this morning when i stretched. i'm tenser than a tightrope.

between "buy a lot of duct tape" and "duck and cover" we should be pretty well protected from any weapons of mass destruction, right? oh, and to all my friends, they said we should have a meeting place in case of attack. I'll meet you guys at the glowing edge of that gaping hole where downtown used to be. any problems just hit me on my cellie. we can wrap ourselves in plastic sheets like it's fetish night. i call not the gimp this time.


from the side of the road, we try and look tough:

backstage in goleta, near santa barbara:
walt throws out the "sleazy" vibe.
paul's fingers, faster than a speeding shutter.
dante of the hot hots keeps it grimey, ya heard? "your cadence is off..."

and onstage in goleta, a few moments later:
pete 10 seconds before he falls asleep on stage.
ham 9 seconds later, before he punches pete in the chest to wake him up. also, paul at the very moment he realizes that he can get away with absolutely anything, as he is usually the quiet one and noone would ever suspect him.

more later, my friends. these are just some to make your morning less soggy.

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

the apes have landed

from the after party for the echo (los angeles) show:

paul from the hot hots is one crazy motherfucker

steve from the hot hots isn't allowed to speak when he's offstage

does the hhh's dustin measure up?

the pete bauer 'dancing machine' suite

"pshhh! that's nothing! you should see me pop-lock."
it never rains in southern california

well, it's raining now, and as it is February it will likely rain for the rest of the month. the joys of a mediterranean climate, right? but you didn't come here to hear me jabber. you want pictures:

pete in pomona

the harsh realities of life on the road.

san diego sound check.

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

in the interest of speed, I'm going to post thumbnails instead of full-sized versions of the rest of the walkies pics, except in extrordinary circumstances. I'm also going to post 5-9 pics a day instead of 2-3 so it doesn't take two weeks to do this. therefore, a few more pics. click for full-sized versions.

troubador soundcheck

glass house (pomona) soundcheck

walt waits for his burrito in pomona

soundcheck at the troubador in LA. paul and walt from the walkies with paul (drums) and dustin (bass) from the hot hots.

soundcheck in san fran the first night.

and so it begins. images from the walkmen/hot hot heat tour. I will do this slowly, 1-3 pics a day. this is mainly to be a tease. suck it up, you know you love it. those are twenties. each letter cost more than $100 on average. bling.

Monday, February 10, 2003

to everyone that has come here from The Morning News: welcome. i'm not the Walkmen's manager. i'm the Tour Manager for their west coast tours. they are managed by the lovely and talented dawn barger from big hassle. i just wanted to set that straight. also, to whomever put this in the msnbc "best of blogs" links: you have good taste. as you were, soldiers.
wow. I'm finally home. I'm back at work today and I'm exhausted. 4035 miles. 14 days. 12 shows. 200+ pictures. lots of f'n rock and roll. thanks to the walkmen for having me, and for the celeste, thanks to the hot hot heat and crew for making the trip so much fun, and thanks to the thermals, detatchment kit, and all the other opening bands for being so great as well. thanks to the apes for rocking my socks off in san diego.

I will have selected pictures up by the end of the week. there are a bunch of pictures that just look bad because i was experimenting with camera settings and I won't make you wade through them. the winners should be up by wednesday or thursday. others will probably end up on the walkmen, hot hot heat, thermals, and apes web sites. I may send a few to spin or other music mags because there are a couple that are that good.

the recoys record is at the presses right now and will be in stores in a few months. future Realistic Records release schedule looks like this:

summer 2003: Colin Steel LP. Colin is one of my best friends and he's been holed up in a brooklyn loft with a guitar, bass, drum set, and a bunch of recording equipment for more than 2 years and this record will be one of the results. he played me a few songs when i was back in dc for christmas and they blew my funky mind.

fall/winter 2003: The B.O.T.S: The Robots Are Back. The B.O.T.S. is a rap group made up of some of your favorite rock and rollers, including Ham from the Walkmen, Hugh (now of French Kicks), beats and rhymes from Damon (formerly one of the Recoys' bassmen), nicole (sometimes a lil' fighter), my boy Steve Moscatello, and some other dudes. They did an album a few years ago that still circulates in in-the-know circles and may someday find re-release on Realistic Records, but this will be an all-new album. the B.O.T.S. will go into the studio at some point this year, and hopefully this record will be on your turntables and blowin' up the clubs by the end of 2k3. i will probably drop a rhyme or two on the album as well. werd.

my car smells so bad.