Friday, August 15, 2003

fade to black...

thoughts and prayers and a 3-day weekend go out to the 50 million people without power. get a cold 40 and park yourself on the stoop and thank god that it was incompetance and not terrorism that got you there.

the blackout shows you how little the bushies have done since 9-11 to prepare us for an attack. there is absolutely no reason that we should still be using 50 year old electricity infrastructure when we a) had a huge surplus a few years ago and b) are at war and under attack from terrorists seeking to disrupt our economy and lifestyle. yesterday was a big 'kick me' sign we painted on our own ass. it should not have happened, and the fact that it wasn't caused by sabatoge, the fact that this can just happen naturally, is unacceptable.

if the dems have an ounce of sense they'll pick up on yesterday and when we, on the same day, announced that al qaeda was planning more 9-11 style hijackings and that we were taking air marshalls off the flights most likely to get hijacked, and with the duct tape they had us buy tape those two events to george bush and tom ridge and the tax cuts.

infrastructure upgrades would put americans to work, stimulate the economy, and make us safer as a country, three things that the tax cuts haven't done yet.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

update II: you gotta have Feith-a-faith-a-Feith

from this MSNBC report on the Van Impe/Bush question:

“My investigation into it is that there’s no truth to it,” National Security Council spokesman Sean McCormack told The Scoop, “but I’m continuing to look into it.”

not quite a denial, hopefully we'll get a confirmation or denial tomorrow. anyone talked to Van Impe Ministries (248.852.2244)? I just called them, but it was past their business hours (8am-4.40 EST). I'll try tomorrow and let you know what they say.

UPDATE: I just found this previous van impe response to a similar 'question of the week,' this time mentioning the rest of the bush clan. interesting little rabbit hole we've got here.....

UPDATE II: via long story, short pier, here's the map that van impe has on his web site describing the battle of armageddon, a map likely similar to the outline of the future he claims to have sent the president.
follow up to the last post

I just called the white house press office. they wouldn't talk to me without talking to my editor first, and since I was trying to work this story freelance it was no go. but they have someone commenting on it. someone with an editor, make it happen:

white house press office: 202 456 2673.

and the fact that they're "commenting," not "denying," makes me think there's something to this. but who knows...
no need to worry, folks

now, i know people are getting pretty worked up about what's happening in asia minor/the middle east these days, but they're getting excited over nothing. our president knows "exactly what is going to happen in the Middle East and what part he will have under the leading of the Holy Spirit of God." sound incredible? per Condi Rice's request, W now has in his hands an outline of the future of the middle east, and his role in it, prepared by our friend jack van impe.*

now I've only been born once, but I've heard about the beliefs of the double-birthed christians with respect to the middle east, the apocalypse, and the second coming, mainly through discussions of the left behind series of novels. now i've got no problem with the rapture, where all the twice-birthed disappear into heaven. they'll be happy, it'll be less messy for the rest of us than heaven gate, and maybe we could finally start showing tits on network tv and buy FHM at wall-mart. the one part that gives me pause is where apparently all the jewish people in the world are either killed or converted into christians. now we all know that ashcrost believes in witches and demons, but, you know, whoa....

for bonus points, research the history of western powers using foreign policy as a tool to hasten armageddon. it's not quite as rare as you would think.

*UPDATE 8/13: link changed to google's cache of the relevant web page, as jack van impe ministries seems to have taken down the original.