Friday, January 31, 2003

last: last night back at the hotel there was a bassist vs. bassist rumble. pete from the walkmen took on dustin from the hot hot heat in a greco-roman throwdown and barely lost. this was after he defeated their drummer, paul, in a depressingly short push up contest. both bands are fighting for the honor and perceived supremacy of their home countries (HHH are canadians) and while the score is tied right now i am sure that the usa will prevail. all this went down after we microwaved a telephone.

current: this side got a mediocre review on the weblog review. check it out.

next: the glass house in pomona. a short drive. supposedly a nice club.

Thursday, January 30, 2003

last: back in los angeles for the first show at the troubador. the place is pretty big, and the sound and lights are better there than the large majority of places I've seen the walkies play, but it still feels really intimate in there. we actually got up at 8 and got down to los angeles remarkably close to on time.

current: at home. i want to have a grill-out today. another troubador show tonight.

next: we've got to figure out how to get our u-haul trailer back on my car. it was a pain in the ass to get off. i hurt my hand doing it.

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

last: drove to san fran. club was packed and not too many people were dancing. lame-o's. saw lots of folks from high school. got drizunk.

current: sleazy rock and roll hotel in san fran. checking e-mail. just got out of the pool.

next: another show at bottom of the hill, then we've got to get up at like 8 to get on the road and make it to LA in time.