Wednesday, July 09, 2003

not even i can remember (the cocktails made me a little forgetful)

a) the internet is shit.
b) there will be some live songs on the CD version of the recoys album.
c) metalshop @ the viper room is a much more metal way of spending your monday evening than PMK @ arlene's.

Monday, July 07, 2003

ring ring, ha ha, hey hey

i hope each and every american reading this used their long weekend to take advantage of freedom.

some liberties I enjoyed:

-the freedom to DJ such a hot classic hip hop set at the 'party barn' friday night that some dude puked on the dance floor because he was dancing so hard.
-the freedom to participate in late sat. night cell phone shenanigans.
-the freedom to engage in friday afternoon slip-n-slide
-the right to sucessfully drink a beer while sliding-n-slipping down the slip-n-slide
-the freedom to sleep almost all day sunday

and a treat, rock and roll photos: Bedroom Walls and Seksu Roba @ silverlake lounge, 7/2/03.