Tuesday, January 14, 2003

welcome to all the newly linked. it is a pleasure to have you. coming in may, if you don't know by now:
The Recoys: Rekoys, 8 songs from the now defunct band featuring members of the walkmen and the french kicks. this includes 3 songs from their first EP and 5 never-released songs from what would have been their first full length, That Girl's a Decoy. this'll be a joint release by troubleman unlimited and realistic records (myself and my friend max). I'll have the label logo up in a day or so for you to critique. available in stores everywhere, or from this and other web sites.

speaking of which, why has no one bought paint louis yet? e-commerce, baby. is it too pricey? do you already have it? do you not know what the fuck it is? do you not know that I'll send you weird stuff i have in my house for ordering it?!?

come on kids, show off your haircuts!

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