Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Major League III: A New Beginning

Everything I've been reading about the Nats, by which I mean everything I can find, reminds me of the movie Major League. A franchise that has been disrespected moving to a city that has been disrespected. A team that's actually a team, even though, or because, they've been written off and f'd with and told they don't even deserve to exist. And a city that is the seat of representative government that is unrepresented in that government. Even Larkin moving to the front office smacks of Tom Berenger managing the Indians in the embarrassing Major League II.

And even though Major League II sucked, I've got a feeling that this season, which I'll refer to from here on out as Major League III, will be awesome.

Monday, February 14, 2005


if we make it past 2012 then we've got somthing to look forward to.

A good five minutes

I use a band-aid
as a bookmark
for the bukowski poetry
i read on the can.

it seems appropriate.