Saturday, May 24, 2003


i get my excercise by dancing.
i get my love by looking in her eyes and saying come, be part of me, let me become part of you.
i get my rest by putting on a pair of thick socks and, though fully dressed, refusing to leave my bed, book in hand, listening to the warbles from trees out my window and smelling the soft grey wind carried on the undulating waves of freeway noise.

Thursday, May 22, 2003

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a short note

women: no matter what anyone tells you, no matter what magazines you read, no matter anything, please remember this: "hammer pants" are the ugliest thing ever to grace a female's bottom half. they are not 'hip' or 'trendy' and by wearing them out to a bar or club you are basically signing a contract saying that you won't get laid that night or, if you do bring someone home, he'll be a bigger tool than anything you could find in home depot.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

music notes

another show last night, the watchers/natural history at the echo. The watchers provided more proof that the early 90's retro vibe is coming back. Maybe it's just that i can't really decipher the chicago indie-math vibe or whatever they've got going on up there, but the whole time i was watching the watchers, i kept thinking about the Ignobles, a band from my high school that was kicking around in the early nineties (and that incidentally was made up of musicians who would later form Today Okay, the Child Ballads, etc). they're not a perfect analog, by any means, but their 'avant-funk' thing really took me back.

Natty Histo (the natural history) played a good show, but the sound was f'd up (vocals consistantly too low) and the place was kinda barren (about 45 folks in a big room for either band) so it was hard to feel that rock and roll energy eminating. they're playing on monday (the 26th) at silverlake lounge, and i bet that place will do them a bit better.

Calla is playing Spaceland on Sunday night, and they were great last time they were there, hypnotizing, so go check it out if you get a chance. $8. and no work on monday. and ask me about the party that night if you're interested and you find me.

very soon we will have a date for the Recoys LP release and a party/reunion show in NYC. Both are about a month away. you'll hear it here first.

here are some stories about the preemptive arrest and detention of protestors at a biodiversity/genetic engineering conference in St. Louis. read 'em all to get a more ballanced picture. they're short, for the most part. remeniscent of the pre-emptive tactics that have been used in DC and elsewhere to make sure things run smoothly.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003


threat codition orange, people. look alive.

i made it through the weekend without any intoxicants. well, i did lick some tequila off a girl's arm, but that was for her sake, not the tequila's, so I'm not counting that. I didn't make it through without incident, however.

tow truck drivers are bastards. i guess they're just doing their job, and i guess someone has to do it. but to charge me $186 to get my car down after I chased him 3 blocks on foot seems a bit cruel. that's $62 a block. fuck that.

saturday began with a dodgers game, which was great, and which was thankfully much shorter than the 3+ hours that a basball game will normally run. then the wives/sharp ease/so damn insane at casa del pueblo, a newish punk co-op spot in echo park. i missed the wives, the sharp ease were great, and I'm glad i stuck around for So Damn Insane. They're best described as 'Fox News Punk,' rabidly and ironically flag waving lyrics and noisy chaoitic music (itreminded me of circus lupus for a moment). and they all switched instruments throughout the show: 3 different singers over the course of the thing, etc. fun and recommended to all. i'm pissed i missed the wives.

these last two days have been a throwback to 1994. sunday night featured a lungfish show at spaceland. i had never seen lungfish before, which is nearly shocking considering they were a dischord band playing at all the spots i'd go to, when i was going to them, while i was living in DC. they were pleasant. glad i caught them. the real story is The Enablers, their opening band. They were a spoken word outfit a la Jim Carrol. Really, I felt like i was going to go home and watch 120 minutes late night on MTV, read Naked Lunch, and then dial-up to the internet at 2400 BPS. 1994 all the way.

Speaking of which: I went through the $1 record bins at Rhino yesterday, and they had a special going wherein you buy $20 worth of merchandise and take home a box of 30 random CDs. I only bout $18 of stuff but I have a way with people who work the register and walked out with one of these mystery boxes. it's all forgotten CRAP from 1992-1994. There were a lot of throwaways from SST records, but my favorite so far is Lyrics by Smiley by Smiley. Smiley is a female MC coming out of Detroit around '94. This record is wall to wall sub par g-funk beats played on a cruddy casio or something, and Smiley mentions her beeper every 6 or 8 bars. the breakout single, it's clear, was track 3, "slangin' hootchie" or something like that. ladies and gentlemen, let me say this: if you're fed up with the 80's nostalgia that's going around right now, please realize that the inevitable 90's throwbacks will in all likelyhood be worse. Imagine showing up to a club and everyone's in flannel and they're playing perl jam or someting. just seriously think about that for a minute. thank you.