Wednesday, October 30, 2002

if you put that "doo-daa-dee" tone from the beginning of "this number is no longer in service" messages at the beginning of your answering machine message, telemarketers will stop calling you. do a google search for "sit.wav" to find that sound.

the difference in lifestyle between someone making $15k a year and someone making $25k a year is remarkable. i spent an hour at a friend's house last night, and I will give out no names or details, but BLING!!! I mean, it was like a fucking nelly video compared to my life. most of my calories come from the bagels and granola bars they have at work for free.

Monday, October 28, 2002

to my nyc peeps: i will be in the city around new years 2k3 and we will catch up, get down, make out, etc. it will be fucking great.

i might be mario or luigi for haloween. this comes in the wake of kerri pulling out of the ms. pac man and the 4 ghosts group costume. which sucks cause that would have been great. I haven't really come up with a great muttonchops-themed costume, although i now have great muttonchops. it's a trade-off i guess. pics will come.

a word of advice: if you're going out on saturday night, and you will be drinking, remember to eat dinner.