Thursday, August 01, 2002

so my car will hit 100,000 miles today. i plan to pull over, light a candle, and have some soda and cake. i'll take a picture, too.

one day till vegas.

still no idea who starla nutpicker is.

Monday, July 29, 2002

also, when i talked to alissa yesterday, we were discussing getting together over thanksgiving when we'll both be back in dc. we said we'd call each other and chat sometime soon, deffinitely before thanksgiving. then she said something like "but I'm not worried, i mean, i read you everyday." and i read her everyday, along with all the other people/places linked to over there on the left. but it just sounded weird when i heard it, vaguely paranormal and futuristic, somewhere between brave new world and a hive mind.

lots of new stuff on here. links to things i like, and comments and all that. i had a productive sunday, if you call staring at a computer screen for a few hours while it's beautiful outside 'productive.'

i think i talked to more out-of-town people i care about this weekend than i have in a long time. liz, alissa, my grandfather, grandmother, mother, and brother. it felt good.

saw the lords of altamont on friday night. they rocked the fuck out of spaceland, and will be playing a free show at the knitting factory LA on wednesday, so anyone in town should try and check them out if you haven't before. also i feel i need to link to the sharp ease because i didn't before and they also rule.

I've been getting e-mails from someone I know from back in DC, who goes by 'starla nutpicker.' she won't tell me who she is, no matter how much i beg. i have some wild guesses, but that's all they are. i need help. if you know starla, please get her to spill the beans.

if you want to see lots of pictures from my tour with the walkmen, then go here. it might take a while to load, though, so be patient. modem users beware.

this weekend is my friend dan's long awaited "batchelor weekend" in vegas. I've been putting off a vegas trip since i've been in LA, mainly because i've been broke, but there's no way i'm not going this weekend. trouble is, I'm still broke. I tried gambling when i was in vancouver, since there was a casino in the hotel. (not that I haven't gambled before. quite to the contrary. I've bet on anything and everything under the sun, from where fellow travellers were staying one night, to how many megabytes are in a terabyte. one of my favorites is dollar-a-round rock/paper/scissors, but i digress.) I played roulette all night, and was up probably $50, but i didn't really understand what that meant, cause it was canadian money, so i stayed there and lost it all ($25C) and went to bed. so wish me luck in vegas, cause if i win big then realistic records can start working on a few projects at once, and if i lose big i'll be another broke asshole in vegas.

(selective boldface back by popular demand.)

Sunday, July 28, 2002

I'm going to try and mirror this page at my pacbell webspace just for kicks. if it doesn't work, don't get mad.
choose a song that...

1. reminds you of an ex-lover: pogues "fairytale of new york"
2. reminds you of an ex-friend: dr. octagon 'moosebumps'
3. makes you cry: springsteen "highway patrolman"
4. makes you laugh: the b.o.t.s. 'mc born kicks a dope freestyle for the helium kids on the corner"
5. makes you wanna dance: 'gospel time' beenie man
6. reminds you of the one you want: 'our time' yeah yeah yeahs
7. reminds you of the one you love: n.o.u. 'you're my miss washington d.c.'
8. you wish you wrote: 'time' richard hell and the voidoids
9. you never want to hear again: eminem 'without me'
10. you want to get married to: sam cook 'if you need me'
10.5. you want to get buried to: many rivers to cross, jimmy cliff, the version on disc one of the trojan UK Hits 3-cd box.
11. makes you want to mosh/bang your head: nation of ulysses "nousptda/the shape of jazz to come"
12. sums up your teenage years: 'make it precious' jonathan fire*eater
13. you like to wake up to: jonathan richman/modern lovers 'roadrunner'
14. you like from your parents' collection: 'red headed stranger' willie nelson
15. you love that a friend introduced to you: springsteen nebraska the whole album
16. you love the video even more: highwaymen "highwaymen"
17. reminds of your first crush: 'that song from the robin hood movie' by brian adams. (i know. but i was young)
18. you love from a favorite movie: "better off dead" from the movie of the same name, sung during the prom scene
19. makes you think of the moon: santo & johnny 'sleepwalk'
20. makes you think of stars: 'california stars' billy bragg & wilco
21. makes you think of the sun: 'blue velvet"
22. makes you think of sex: the bassist from radio vago
23. makes you think of being alone: velvets 'stephanie says'
24. you love to hear at clubs: the slickers 'johnny too bad'

ok, now yours.