Tuesday, October 15, 2002

the bush administration is fucking crazy and creepy and i'm really worried that we might not be able to avoid WWIII before we get him out of there.

also, the sniper in dc is freaking me out. my gut feeling is that this is not a domestic crazy -- i think this might be intl. terrorism in another form.
i need your help. i need names of historical figures with muttonchops. this is for my haloween costume. i'm thinking more oldtime-y than thrash metal-y. like civil war generals or old baseball players are better than that guy from metallica who has muttonchops.

oh, and I'm also looking for 'chops that are connected by a moustache, as seen here:

unfortunately, if my haloween costume was Doug "Whiskers" Kline, past president of the Charles River Wheelmen, I don't think anyone would get it, and I'd have a hell of a time explaining it. I'm not looking for wussy big sideburns that the misguided refer to as muttonchops, as illustrated by this diagram:

incidentally, if you search for 'mutton chops' on dogpile image search one of the "did you mean to search for" 's that comes up is 'tongue recepies'. incidentally i love tongue tacos and burritos that can be found all over the great city of los angeles and i encourage everyone to get over the "ewww gross" factor and try a delicious tongue burrito. you'll thank me.

Monday, October 14, 2002

does anyone know anyone who makes bizzare fettish films? because i just thought of a great name for an automotive anal sex movie: shitty shitty bang bang.