Friday, February 07, 2003

last: bellingham, washington. probably the most depressing place in the fucking universe. the whole place was cold and the people were sad and mean and drunk. when we left this morning i went into this diner place and there was an old woman who had to be 80 playing some bizzare lotto machine that looked like a men's room condom dispenser, frantically putting in nickels and pulling out little strips of paper that she put into piles. then she did it again. she seemed really angry and the machine got stuck two or three times during the 45 seconds i was watching her and i thought her head was going to fall off and roll along the floor. the place is like 10 miles from the canadian border and my guess is that these are the people who they won't even let into canada, which is pretty hard.

current: internet cafe in seattle. vera project tonight. then home. thank god. i think I'm going to be sick for a week recovering when i get back to LA. which is fine. I've had a great time and have a zillion pictures and have shaken the wanderlust out of my system. take me home.

next: drop the boys off at the airport and head home. 20 hours of solo driving. i might just drive off a cliff into the ocean. if anyone who reads this has a warm couch between seattle and los angeles, let me know. my cell phone number is 213-268-5685. call me.

Monday, February 03, 2003

holy shit i just looked at the pictures i've taken so far and let me just say that there are some winners. you'll see them in a week or two. word.
addition: sleazy little after party for the echo show at my boy matt's. steve from the hot hots taped up his face like he had a weird fetish. which he might. there are pictures. that's all i am legally allowed to disclose. see you in goleta, california, fuckwads.

Sunday, February 02, 2003

last: san diego. great fucking show last night. there was an opening band called the apes that blew up the spot. they're from dc and they deffinitely have a svenonious vibe but in a really pleasant way. after the show i almost rumbled or had a push-up contest with the hot hot's tour manager outside the club in order to honor america. but there was fear in his eyes and we rescheduled it for bellingham, washington, when we get really bored. then we ealked out to the pier and got really drunk and talked about kool keith.

current: at home again, for one last show in LA at the echo. it hasn't really felt too much like a tour since i've been sleeping in my own bed so much. but that ends tomorrow when we start north, and we'll be at the canadian border by friday.

next: santa barbara. it should be pleasant.

personal: jinners, i get back east once or twice a year and I'd love to party down when i'm in nyc. it's weird how much i party with other bloggers, by the way. did you know when you microwave a hotel phone the message light turns on even if it's not plugged in?