Tuesday, September 30, 2003

went out, and got dumped, last night....

yes, folks, back to regularly scheduled programming. i'm home, I'm sane, I'm well rested, I'm detoxing. this saturday, I'll be taking the LSAT, having dinner with an ex-chief of the California Highway Patrol, then spinning records with my friend Al after the Ted Leo show @ the Echo. come on out, it'll be free. early show, then Djs 10-2....rock.

the posse's getting bigger for the NH primarys. by this I mean both the democratic field and the group of people going up there with me to "cover" them. anyone work at a media company and need a correspondant or reporter on the ground? can anyone score me a legit press pass? anyone got any bar or club recommendations in manchester? I hear it's beautiful in the dead of winter.