Wednesday, October 15, 2003


Roxanne Jekot, who has put much of her professional and personal life on hold to work on the issue full time, puts it even more strongly. "Corporate America is very close to running this country. The only thing that is stopping them from taking total control are the pesky voters. That's why there's such a drive to control the vote. What we're seeing is the corporatisation of the last shred of democracy.

and in other news:
I didn't think that that many people took public transportation in LA, but the MTA mechanics' strike has doubled my morning and evening commutes as people are forced onto the road. ugh.

hopefully the grocery clerk strike will force more people into smaller local or specialty food stores so they don't have to cross the picket lines. there are some great little markets all over the place.

I'm going to start seriously unloading some vinyl on e-bay. i've been living check to check for too long, and I don't really need that jay-z album or the LL 12". they're dope, but I never listen to 'em. who wants some lee donaldson LPs? a pair of super cue-burned Chic "good times" 12"s? everything must go. everything out the door but sigue sigue sputnik. i mean, last time I weighed it, my vinyl weighed 1/2 a ton. seriously, i need a chiropractor. and when I'm prepping for the DMCs and I NEED to get that aboriginals 12" for my routine, I'll just have to go out and spend the loot then. I mean, 5 $20 overdraft fees in 24 hours is a great story to tell at the bar, but I have to live this shit.

I believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the sky.

go red sox. lets go cubbies.

confirmation on that silverlake gang war article below: the shooting that opens the article happened 5 feet from kerri's front door.

I am a halloween genius. you'll see.

Monday, October 13, 2003

Fucking USA

and misadventures of

cem is out of asia and into the middle east and wow. required reading.
Pete's Corner

holy shit. ham told me that "Pete's Corner" was blowing up and I didn't believe him but then I went there and damn, was he right. laugh out loud funny. five stars. cheers, poppy!
LA Weekly: News: Silver Lake Gang War

The shootings in the first paragraph happened across the street from my friend Kerri's place.