Friday, June 13, 2003

get 'em while they're hot

we're accepting pre-orders for the Recoys LP at the realistic records site. order now and your record will be shipped out the second we get them. check out the mp3s on the left to check out what you're getting. if you want to order more than one at a time, e-mail me and we'll figure it out.
ok, fine, I'll do my own research.

since no one stepped up to do my research, i'll do it myself. just a sec.

ok, i'm back. so in modern/post-modern days there has been one president elected directly out of a position in the federal legislature: ex Senator John F. Kennedy. before that you've got to go back to Warren Harding, who was also a senator. other than that there have been a grip of governors, a war hero, and a few veeps.

now THAT'S realistic!
potus question

because i know you guys dig research: Which Presidents of the US were not Governors (or VPs) before being elected President? or, When was the last time a President was elected out of the house or the senate?

I ask this because everyone in recent memory has been a governor, other than bush 41, who was VP, ford, who wasn't elected, and before nixon i can't do this off the top of my head.

Thursday, June 12, 2003

all is quiet on the western front.

The Recoys LP Rekoys is essentially out. copies are in the mail and we'll start to do mailorder here once they arrive. maybe i'll set it up this weekend. The official record release party is a week from tomorrow in brooklyn and you're all invited. please come by. i'll see you there.

lip synch contest pictures are/will be available on a photolog i'm starting.

my lunch is here. i'm out.

Monday, June 09, 2003

am i missing something?

one of my big gripes with the english language is that sadbeautiful isn't a word, and there is no analog for it in our tongue.

Sunday, June 08, 2003

program note

the date for the recoys/chimps show/record release party has been changed. the show is on June 20th, which is great, because now I'll be able to go.