Sunday, March 21, 2004

affordable justice feature: RPS II
alternately, ninja-hunter-bear

it began as an easy way to settle minor disagreements, like who gets to ride shotgun if shotgun is called by more than one person. it grew into a drunken betting pastime. propelled by force of character, the game rock paper scissors has become an international sensation, to be included in this summers centennial olympic games.

and, if you don't mind my saying so, I'm damn good at it. damn good.

last summer, under a bridge in downtown los angeles, dozens of the best RPS-throwers in the western US converged to determine who might be the best in the land. the winner? an unassuming criminal named "Da Burgla." he entered the tournament a man. he left a legend.

two weekends ago, our friends at a-diction held the second los angeles regional rock paper scissors contest in as many years.

money changed hands all night, but the crowds came to witness the crowning of a new champion. this year, that would not be me. i finished third, but another man stepped up to challenge last years champion in the finals:

the challenger had an exciting, crisp style, but the champion would not be shaken easily.

who would prevail? you'll have to check the whole photo album to find out.