Thursday, March 27, 2003


.../uuoah....whu....[glanceclock]5:35[thinkcrazyneighbor, backtosleep]
front door
-are you derek teslik
-you're sued!
-later on dude
[readpapers, caraccident, isntthiswhatinsuranceisfor?, backtobed]
exhausted and sued

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

arab news sources on the web

are CNN and Fox News not giving you the big picture? do you want a bit of context and a deeper look into middle eastern politics than that paragraph on page A26 of the old gray lady, below the fold, next to the 2/3 of a page Macy's bra ad? here are a couple arab news web sites that might be worth your time.

al jazeera
al-jazeera, the 'arab cnn,' put up an english version of its web site a few days ago and has been off the net ever since. either it just couldn't handle the traffic generated by the start of the war and the new english-speaking audience or some jokers in the hacking community took them out with DOS (denial of service) attacks. even money on which it was. either way this link probably won't work until a few days after i post it when the sort out their web problems..

as i'm writing this i have cnn on. the british army centcom representative just insulted the al-jazeera reporter at a live news conference. real slick there, guvnah. your being a jackass doesn't make winning the peace any easier.

dar al hayat
published in the uk, and it looks like they also have a local beruit edition.

al jazeerah
this is not the tv station. I'm not sure what it is, and some of the news completely imaginary ("A US delegation arrived in Amman in its way to Baghdad for ceasefire negotiations" for example), but some of the op/eds seemed worthwhile.

arab news
saudi arabia's first english daily. after reading some current stuff, check out the section on 9/11 (link on the left).
Channels of Influence
StarTime Intl. | Walkmen Interview

jinners does one of the most entertaining walkies interviews i have ever read.

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Dar Al Hayat - al jazeera yanked from stock exchange

i guess the press is free in this country as long as it is "our" press. in the long run i think al jazeera will be one of the most important elemnts in the development of a peaceful, free, democratic, and global middle-east.

Monday, March 24, 2003

also, a bit of a game: what indie rock songs are people listening to in iraq?

I'll get you started, feel free to chip in:
Saddam: The Walkmen, "Everyone who pretended to like me is gone" or "They're Winning"
Kofi Anan: The Walkmen, "We've Been Had"
Iraq's Republican Guard: French Kicks, "Close to Modern" or "1985"
back to normal

well, a weekend of rest has done me well. i don't know if you could tell buy frantic warblogging, but by the end of last week i was completely fried; between sunday-monday-tuesday nights out rocking and rolling and war starting the next night i could barely form a coherent sentence. 10-12 hours of sleep each night and growing accustomed to this ongoing war have put me back together. i'll still keep CNN on when i am home, watch it out of the corner of my eye, but i'm pulling back enough to keep a measure of sanity.

i felt great on my ride in to work. no war news on the radio, for the first time in a while; instead a beach boys CD, rolling down the ten actually bopping my head, legitimately hoping that Rhonda would help me get her out of my heart, and Rhonda was succeeding, untill i saw the federales. now, growing up in DC i'd see the white US Government plates on all sorts of cars and trucks and never bat an eye -- there are 5-10 agencies/police departments that have some sort of jurisdiction in the diamond district -- but what would the feds be doing out here? and the car they were on was a standard cop crown vic. weird. i sped up to check out the side, see who they were with: the Federal Protective Services. eh? never seen them before. sounds like homeland security. so after some research i find this:

"At FPS, our goal is to become a premier facility security organization that provides a safe environment in which Federal agencies can conduct their business.
To accomplish this, we will reduce threats posed against Federal facilities which range from terrorism to workplace violence to larcenies. FPS is committed to ensuring the appropriate level of security is in place at each GSA managed facility, regardless of its location throughout the country."

uhh....Rhonda? Little help, please?