Wednesday, February 26, 2003

1.) yes, we've already gotten a couple entries for the contest. one of them is going to be a contender for the t-shirt/LP, i can tell already. thanks ladies. no entries will be displayed until the end of march, so you have time, everyone.

2.) tiny update at my fake life.

3.) it feels like everyone is down in the dumps right now. that is february scraping up against your back, stepping on your shoes as you walk, etc. it is the most evil month, but it is short and yields to spring when confronted.

4.) now there's a french kicks video up on the muchmusic site. you know the deal. vote for it.

5.) here's a picture of tommy keefer.

Monday, February 24, 2003

so it's almost march, which means that the brutal rainy season in los angeles is almost past us. people can put away their umbrellas and long sleeve shirts and look forward to another 11 months of sun.

so, during a breakfast meeting at the affordable justice offices, the staff came up with an idea: a contest. and not just any contest: a sexy contest!

you might have seen pictures on other web sites where ladies have written the name of said web site or whatever somewhere on their body, or held up a sign with the name written on it, or gotten a tatoo, etc.

so that's the idea. write 'affordable justice' ir 'i love buckwheaton' or something like that on a piece of paper or on your body, or get a tatoo, take a picture, and e-mail it to us. you have until the end of march. the winner, chosen by the staff, will receive a copy of the recoys LP and a one-of-a-kind affordable justice t-shirt with a design of your choice.

these pictures to not have to be safe for work, do not have to show your face, and you can indicate that you don't want it on the web. i will obscure faces if you so desire. everyone who enters will get some sort of prize, so please include mailing addresses where i can send the prizes.

everyone here at affordable justice would like to congratulate bangin' brooklyn on the record. we're proud of her.

the grammys are a joke.

is anyone else wondering what happened to those 3 ships that are sailing in circles on the high seas with all of iraq's weapons? pictures up tomorrow.

i had a great birthday weekend, thanks everyone.