Wednesday, July 03, 2002

also, let me just say for the record that abigail stole my minor threat conspiracy link. and didn't credit it. and she's a librarian, who should know the importance of proper documentation and references. not that I care so much, just i want her to know that i know. also a shoutout to alissa.
so I'm back from the walkmen's west coast tour. so much fun. so pissed that we missed the show in vancouver because of traffic in seattle. i got to see some old friends (kat, nez, shashi, dre, etc). it's tough adjusting to a stationary lifestyle after 10 days of constant travel and rock and roll. I'll try and do a day-by-day of the tour at some point. not quite yet, though.

went to see hot hot heat/radio 4/arlo at the knitting factory last night. hot hot heat was off the hook. it was the first all ages show I'd been to in a while and let me tell you the kids are alright. brought me back to dc and shows in church basements and such. there was even a bit of a pit, which if you've ever heard hot hot heat might surprise you a bit.

now radio 4 just sucks:

a) there are 5 of them, but they're called radio 4. come on.
b) the singer's hat.
c) bongos?
d) they suck.

it's like hot hot heat and radio 4 sat down to divy up the clash and hot hot heat got the interesting parts. oh well. and arlo rocked out, but I had seen them 4 times on the walkmen tour so I went home to get some sleep after a few songs.

so my roommate max and i are starting a record label (we're postumously putting out a proper album by the recoys as our first release) and we need a name. the three contenders as of now are:

1. Blood and Whiskey Records
2. Three In Front Records
3. Realistic Records

which is the best? let me know your pick or any other suggestions by clicking here.