Thursday, July 17, 2003


pacific sunlight stretches through the room
and gives the plant nearby the door a glow
of holiness: it smiles through the gloom
this thursday eve'ning's newscasts have to show.
four shots across Korea's DMZ
did echo all the way to washington
but there the thun'drous noise happened to be
Prime Minister Blair's words with Bush the son.
Blair's oratory beautifully laid out
the Western duty to the modern world,
while gath'ring clouds of war again blot out
the sun that dries all bloody flags unfurled.
when comes the morning of this awful night,
too short the pause will be 'fore the next fight.

Wednesday, July 16, 2003


we're halfway through this week, but yet i feel
as if it's just begun, and that my days
will amble on forever 'fore a break
and i must find my rest in other ways.
our president, it seems, has lied to us,
and whether this misstep was purposeful,
administrative dull incompetance,
or freak snafu, i hope we'll learn in full.
one thing I know about our boy king george:
our press will just ignore his bolder lies.
inspectors?: "[Saddam] wouldn't let them in."
at this reporters barely showed surprise.
but UNMOVIC was in Iraq, no doubt,
and Bush's ultimatim forced them out.

"a chance to allow the inspectors in, and he wouldn't let them in."

Monday, July 14, 2003


tonight my DSL is down again --
not down, per se, but stumbling and lame,
i guess. in random fits and starts the lights
will blink, and i can check e-mail. It's good
to have a break sometimes from life's routines
and force one's self to get old business done.
i hate tv. i just won't watch the thing,
except for one program, the Daily Show.
it's on right now, and once it's done or at
the breaks I'll find a way to wrap this up.
my roommate's dog just died. I think she should
adopt a puppy to replace her dog.
the emptiness she feels will go away
like charcoal's black combusting into grey.

i guess i might just write my blog like this
a sonnet every day 'till the week's through
it might not be a sure-fire path to bliss
but 'tleast to try will give me tings ah do.
my weekend, not much diff'rent than the rest.
take friday: quiet, ate out with some friends,
we all watched movies (joe dirt was the best),
then with a raucous beer fight that night ends.
on saturday i spun the hottest wax --
new lumidee, pharell, and ODB;
the room, too warm from all the lech'rous acts,
the walls, the people: sweating, just like me.
the lotus festival in echo park
was beautiful on sunday, before it got dark