Thursday, June 03, 2004

ex-methhead shoeless w/ remote-controlled harley-riding parakeet in central california motel parking lot, morning. Posted by Hello
a brief program note
then back to your regularly scheduled nothing

so, yeah. I've been laying low for a while. I've been (more or less) unemployed in LA packing and planning for my move across the country, beginning about June 12th. I'll be back in Washington, DC, until about the end of July, at which point I'll be moving to St. Louis, MO, to start law school at Washington University. I did my undergrad studies there as well. I've been back in DC for the last week and a half for a friend's wedding.

It's become clear to me that one of the factors driving me to write here was a desire to avoid doing actual work at my day job. Without a day job, this incentive has disappeared. Thus, radio silence.

I asume that once I start studying in the fall, this motivation will return. I assume I'll start using this space as a stress ball again.

Over the summer I'll be helping my mother clean out my grandmother's house. My grandmother is at an assisted living center in Rockville, MD, and will never return to the house, so we're selling it to help pay for her care. While this work this summer will be stressfull and intense in its own way, I don't know if it will drive me to write here. It may. We'll see.

I'm planning to move to St. Louis a few weeks before school starts in part to register young voters or volunteer for John Kerry. Missouri is a swing state, and I'd love to help it swing the right way.

In the fall, though, I should be back, and hope to make the title of this site somewhat appropriate. I'll try to offer hasty, half-baked legal advice, perhaps in a weekly feature column. Other than that, the subtitle may change to: "Selling Out: A punk rocker goes to Law School."

For now, waste your time on the internet somewhere else. I may blog my cross-country trip, but it's far more likely that I'll just enjoy it and force you to buy me a beer if you want to hear my stories.

Go wate your time on the internet somewhere else. And if you want me to FedEx you dead cicadas, holler. I'll see what I can do.