Friday, March 21, 2003

exhausted and entranced by news coverage. i will sleep long tonight.
USC prof. at EC meeting: germany, france, belgium consider forming new military alliance as counterweight to NATO, will exclude US and UK from partnership

uday hussein has a brain hemorrhage?

Thursday, March 20, 2003

cnn: saddam's old mistress says it wasn't him.
Near Real Time Satellite Images of Iraq
count up: 1 day into war

National guardman changed his name to a toy

optimus prime rules.
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count up: 20.1 hours into the war

turkish parliament approves sending turkish troops into northern iraq; EU says turkey can kiss membership goodbye if they do go in to kurdistan.
count up: 20 hours into the war

Realistic Records :: View topic - EL I denken, daß Sie jetzt weggehen sollten oder essen meine

from realistic records' colorado correspondant:
"everything is closed because of the snow. all the restaurants are dark. there's only one place open and the lights were just blazing and the whole town was in there. i keep forgetting what's fucked up because of the snow and what's fucked up because of the war. because here they seem strongly connected. i felt like things were closed and dark because of the threat of air raids. they had the news on in the bar, just shots of baghdad. camera crews perched on top of buildings, hoping to get a good shot of the first explosion. and when bush came on the bartender turned on the sound and turned off the stereo and everyone leaned out to watch, as if he was going to say anything of any import. and he made his speech, and the screen went back to quiet shots of baghdad. the bartender turned the sound back off and turned the stereo back on and christina aguilera's "beautiful" was just ending, followed closely by "oops i did it again." so that's the beginning of my wartime experience. "

thanks el, i do not think your drawings are pretentious. i promise.
count up: 16.75 hours into the war

Doonesbury has a great gag going this week with Duke (nerf hunter s. thompson) preparing to be appointed proconsul of iraq.

also, an analyst on NPR posits that the iraqi leadership is collapsing, and that is why we are holding off on the 'shock and awe in favor of delicate surgical strikes.
count up: 16.5 hours into the war

media notes: CNN was tripping all over itself last night, understandably of course, but they were still getting the hang of live 'embedded' reporters and you could often hear 3 or 4 people screaming at once, stepping on each others coverage. still riveting. i can't get enough of the embedded reporters: it sure beats the defense dept. breifing releases of video from '91.

rock and 'let's roll': here are those gogol bordello pictures from tuesday night at the echo. it was a terrific, raucis show. everyone had a great time (you could tell that the gogols were having a blast) and we got out a lot of nervous energy. it was clear that war was coming, and soon, and everyone here must have had that in the front or back of their mind. for real, why else would so may hipsters dance like they were under 21?
count up: 6 hours into the war

preview: gogol bordello at the echo (los angeles) 3/18/03

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

count up from here on out: 4 hours into the war

i do not live in baghdad. i live in los angeles. for a blog from baghdad go here.

was that saddam? was it prerecorded? before you read this you'll likely know.

bloghdad from slate
Where is Raed ?

there is still nothing happening im baghdad we can only hear distant expolsions and there still is no all clear siren. someone in the BBC said that the state radio has been overtaken by US broadcast, that didn't happen the 3 state broadcasters still operate.
countdown: TIME'S UP

and CNN is at a commercial break. did everyone make their new-war's resolutions? everyone gets a kiss.

alt: please put down your #2 missles and pass your WMD tests to the front.
countdown: 45 minutes

blogging from baghdad:
Where is Raed ?
countdown: 1.25 hours

and they're marching and fighting in the streets of westwood, a mile or so from my office:
KCAL 9: Police, Protesters Square Off In Westwood
countdown: 2.33 hours

and i just paid $80.87 to fill up my gas tank
countdown: 3.3 hours

and i'd like to file a formal protest against the 'hipster moustache' on josh wise
countdown: 3.4 hours

Que Sera Sera

sarah b knows the score.
countdown: 4.8 hours

and that's enough time to read a walkies interview, right? : : The Walkmen: Born to Ramble

countdown: 5.65 hours

looking for a list of cheesy songs that are war appropriate. I'll start, you add on in the comments:

outkast 'bombs over baghdad'
cutting crew 'i just died (in your arms)'
clash 'rock the casbah'

i'm to tired to think of good ones right now

countdown: 6 hours

and the war is already started?

gogol bordello is the best argument for globalization that i have ever seen. cost of admission: $8. a gin and tonic and 2 beers (incl. tip): $13. minutes of my life stolen forever by the opening band: 45. eugene hutz crowd surfing on top of a huge drum and echo park hipsters dancing like maniacs in a polka mosh pit: priceless. pictures tonight.
countdown: 7 hours

look alive, people

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

countdown: 24 hours

praise the lord and pass the popcorn? i will be wearing army boots for the duration of the conflict -- i like to keep myself on a war footing (insert rimshot).
countdown: 27.9 hours

Iraq rejects Bush's 48-hour ultimatum as war preparations gather pace

"This proposition was made by an inept individual. We will go one better by calling for Bush to leave power with his family," Saddam's elder son Uday said Tuesday of the ultimatum.

who blinks first? will bush step down? tune in for more 'shock and awe' as the countdown continues.
countdown: 29.2 hours

remember when i linked to a picture of tommy keefer? well here's a picture of william keefer, his older brother.
countdown: 40.5 hours

missed most of the sharp ease show tonight due to st. paddy's day festivities. erin go, bra! i used to date a girl named erin. the bassist for the last band to play tonight had one of those chinstrap beards. his band honked. i left.

no asian 'abnormal pnemonia' symptoms yet. lets see how long i can hold out against the new plague (I've read the hot zone i know how these things work).

gogol bordello tomorrow night. once agan, LA folks, do not miss them. at the echo.

so sleep now, children, and dream of now, for you will dream of it again long after it is gone.

Monday, March 17, 2003


i called it. drudge's red "developing" headline right now: Possible case of mystery illness in Los Angeles County...

achoo....(bless us all). guess who's taking a sick day tomorrow?
Kevin Sites Blog

i'm linking this again. if you didn't check this out the first time, do it. beautiful and powerful writing by someone on the ground in iraq right now, a real-time norman mailer or hemingway for the new war. maybe that's going a bit to far. but it's worth your time. i promise.
you know when you don't quite get enough sleep one night, then the next day you're having breakfast or whatever and you aren't really that hungry, and you walk around the majority of the day short of breath like you've been kicked in the stomach? rock and roll hangover or bizzare asian super-flu? we report, you decide.

Sunday, March 16, 2003

back to rock and roll, i guess.

so there are four great shows in the next four days, so i guess i will be groggy at work for most of this week:

tonight: scene creamers @ the troubador
tomorrow: the sharp ease (for free) @ spaceland
tuesday: gogol bordello @ the echo
wednesday: sahara hotnights @ the roxy

looks like we're going to get our war on withing the next few days. premium gas in san francisco @ $4.29 a gallon.

jinners: the recoys put the cover together themselves.