Tuesday, January 14, 2003

things i have learned since getting a counter on my page 2 days ago:
-i'm getting 100 hits or so a day. deck.
-there is a message board called Lets Talk About Hair (aka LTAH)
-they're talking about free mohawks
-9 hits from cincinnati, 2 from uk, 1 each from netherlands, austria, and finland
-it should be noted random house is in the house. shout outs to nyc.
-the banner ad is working.
-free copy of paint louis 98 or, eventually, the recoys record, to the first person who figures out where on the internet the banner ad is.
-people i have already told are not elligible.

edit to add- i have also learned i am a complete fucking dork, but somewhere in the back if my head i already knew that one.

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