Friday, August 09, 2002

spent $9 on dinner wednesday, but this is acceptable because

a) it was out of $10 that matt owed me from vegas, not figured in to my rent calculations


b) it was at phillipes, a 94-year-old lunch-counter-type place downtown that originated the french dip sandwich.

tihis is acceptable, right?

i'm out of gas, and it costs damn near $60 to fill up the machine. fuck. there is a way to make this work.

liz found some of the old-school footprints i have left on the internet. can you? there will be some sort of prize for whomever unearths the most awkward or embarassing record of my early days on the internet (think 92-97) and puts a link to it in the comments section. good luck.

Wednesday, August 07, 2002

spent $5 on a real milkshake tuesday.

spent $0 wednesday.

i know who starla nutpicker is.

Tuesday, August 06, 2002

i spent $0 today. probably drove 40 miles. say 15 mpg, so 2.6 gallons at $1.60 is about $4. not bad.

Monday, August 05, 2002

holy fuck. vegas spit me out but good. i lost $200 at the tables, on top of batchelor-type expenses, gas and food. if i don't spend a single penny for 2 weeks i can do it. i can make rent. from here on out (or at least for the next two weeks) this will be a journal of asceticism.

i will keep track of how little i have spent, like in the warhol diaries.

but damn was vegas fun. i will put a picture or two up here within the next few days. i loved every minute of the town until the ATM maching started insulting me cause i was broke, drunk, and stupid.

we spent most of our time, and i spent most of my money, at a two bit no-hotel cheapo leprachaun-themed casino called o'shea's. they had $2 blackjack, $3 roulette, and casino war, possibly the greatest gambling game since $1-a-round rock-paper-scissors.

anyone want to buy some of my stuff? i'm putting my firstborn up on e-bay this evening to pay off my debts. watch for it.