Wednesday, June 12, 2002

i was off coffee, off caffine for good. i had beaten the monster. and now i'm back on the stuff. the sad failures of continued addiction will likely define my short jolted life. i wish no one ever put ice in coffee. cause regular coffee, with ice, is just too good.

Arts and Letters Daily has a pretty interesting articly about halfway down the page attempting to synthesize huntington and fukayama's theses of current events and the near future in light of our current moment in history. pretty interesting, and included not because i really think you care, but just so you know that i still understand big words.

why you gwan try an test de champion?

Monday, June 10, 2002

i leave my mind open for a second and the monsters come in. fuck. it's like with vampires. you invite them in, even offhandedly, and they are allowed free reign by the rules of the spirit plane. i f'n hate the rules of the spirit plane. so last night i invite them in, say i'll write a bit every morning while the dream-creatures are not yet fully awake either and i can trap them, squeeze them out, but instead they just trample me this morning and i don't wake up till 11 am and work starts at 10:30 and I'm a half hour away.