Friday, November 07, 2003

Thursday, November 06, 2003

some velvet morning when I'm straight....I'm going to open up your gate...

the holidays are coming. we've reached that part of the year that is so busy and flies by fast like a bottle rocket, and by the time it explodes you need to get used to writing a new number at the end of ever check.

so: there are going to be some changes around here.

first, I'll probably end up spending most of my blogging time on the rock and roll vote. i think it'll be a lot of fun and actually be worthwhile, hopefully we can get the denim jacket set into the polling booths come next november, and not ironically. if you want to contribute to the blog (as a writer/correspondent/contributor) let me know. I'm looking to get all hands on deck, as it were, that are interested. so let me know.

if you're in a band, and you want to endorse a candidate, please let me know. I'm keeping a list and will announce endorsements as they come in.

second, i'm going to be doing the dirty work of applying to grad school in the next two months. this will take a lot of time, so this space might be pretty quiet. once again, go here if you need your fix.

third, if you live in los angeles, get ready. if you like drinking, and you like dancing, there will likely be a new weekly nightlife choice. it will be fun, it will be free/cheap, and it will be on the east side. no more details until they are confirmed.

Monday, November 03, 2003

you're only funky as your last cut....

general wesley clark weighs in on the OutKast controversy in a TV spot to air during tomorrow night's rock the vote CNN campaign event. take that kucinich!

with this unassuming link i officially announce my entry into the world of campaign coverage/blogging with the introduction of The Rock and Roll Vote, dedicated to providing information and perspective for those of you out there who are both rock and roll mofos and participants in our proud democracy.

coming first will be rock and roll profiles of the candidates, interspersed with relevant news bits (see above) as they break.

soon after that i might start capitalizing certain words.

then in january, our team is headed to new hampshire for a 3 day look at the primaries.

and that's about as far as the plan goes, at this point. after all, how rock and roll is it to plan a year in advance?
i was five and you were six, we rode on horses made of sticks

so, yes, helloween went well....well into the morning.

and, yes, that redskins/cowboys game was depressing. about as much as i can take. the team is dead to me until next season. i don't take well to heartbreak.

and, why yes, that is my chin on page 41 of a glossy lifestyle/fashion mag. no, I'm not completely sure whose tits are next to my chin, although i have my suspicions:

cheers to: colin montgomery for getting that photo spread published, the walkies for pulling off 3 shows in a night, and aeri for filming it.

godspeed to: matt reboholz, somewhere on the 5 north (aka the hot nickel) right now, abandoning the vapid lunatic frivolity of los angeles for the pleasant hippie platitudes and hacky sacking lifestyle of san francisco.

jeers to: russian prime minister vladimir putin, for selectively enforcing the widely ignored tax laws of his country in order to bring down a political rival and seize a controlling interest in the country's largest oil company. this is a slow moving coup by the old school KGB faction of the russian elites, and it will be impacting here shortly. keep your eyes on it.