Friday, October 01, 2004

CNN's "undecided" voter is actually a patriot

I know my nose is a bit stopped up. Even so, this smells a bit like dirty tricks.... A similar odor wafts from this dude as the stench from the guy who snuck into that Kerry event, held up a Bush sign, then had his son, dressed up like a Union man, rip up the bush sign, so that his daughter cried.

By any means necessary...

Thursday, September 30, 2004 :: Breaking Pre-Debate Fact: Kerry For Lights Before Against Them

Honestly, are the folks at the Onion doing Bush's spin? "Breaking Pre-Debate Fact"???

Breaking fact: John Kerry looks silly windsurfing! He surfed left before he surfed right!!

I thought breaking facts was the job of the CBO, or the treasury secretary.....
Kerry vs. the Rules, Bush vs. His Temper (

You think Mike Allen might have written some of this piece, or at least the title, before the debate started? Or did he just feel bad about titling it Bush v. Temper? Because there really was no "Kerry v. Rules" tension that I noticed during the debate -- it was Bush who was consistantly going over the alotted time -- and there's no mention of such tension in the piece as it's written now (first graf included, link above for the rest):

"Kerry vs. the Rules, Bush vs. His Temper

By Mike Allen
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, October 1, 2004; Page A08

CORAL GABLES, Fla., Sept. 30 -- President Bush has thrown Sen. John F. Kerry's words back on him during nearly every speech of the campaign, but he rocked back in irritation during the first presidential debate Thursday night when the Massachusetts senator did the same thing to him."

EDIT: The name has changed on the site to "Kerry v. the format...." but that's still a lame name for a story that's all about how bush was flustered. Now, in fairness to Mike Allen, it's usually copy editors, not reporters, who title pieces. And the Post's copy editor must be wed to some notion of he-said, she-said fairness over accuracy. Because, if you don't actually read the story, just the headline, it looks like the story said it was a tie. If you don't get past the fold, or the jump, you assume that the section on Kerry's wrangling with the format comes later, and maybe we'll get there, but let's read about the Expos (soon to be Washington Grays) first. Actually, the jump's not a problem here, since the story's buried on A8, but still.
Bush and Kerry meet in first of three debates with Kerry needing to make up ground North County Times - North San Diego and Southwest Riverside County News - Celebrations:

tip from wonkette:

It's now 2 hours till the debate starts, and the AP past-tense, the debate already happened story is already filed. check the timestamp below, which preceeds the first 3 grafs.....

"Last modified Thursday, September 30, 2004 2:10 PM PDT"

CORAL GABLES, Fla. (AP) -- After a deluge of campaign speeches and hostile television ads, President Bush and challenger John Kerry got their chance to face each other directly Thursday night before an audience of tens of millions of voters in a high-stakes debate about terrorism, the Iraq war and the bloody aftermath.

The 90-minute encounter was particularly crucial for Kerry, trailing slightly in the polls and struggling for momentum less than five weeks before the election. The Democratic candidate faced the challenge of presenting himself as a credible commander in chief after a torrent of Republican criticism that he was prone to changing his positions.

Bush was expected to confront questions about leading the nation into war on the still-unproven premise that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. He also has faced accusations that he lacked a strategy to deal with the violence and chaos that have left more than 1,000 Americans dead and that the Iraq war has diverted U.S. attention from al-Qaida and other terrorists. : Noted Now: ABC News' Political News Digest

some of my constituants have been asking about real-time debate blogging. I'll leave that to others, whose job it is to blog debates instead of enjoying debates, coctails, and snide comments in real life with real people.

that said, I will be taking lots of pictures as the Wash U debate goes down next friday and will generally be stepping it up around here as a service to those of you who can't actually go and ask those stoners on the 'hot rock' how they feel about the increasing cost of prescription drugs, &c.

but that's next week, and this week is Florida, and a sort-of fifth hurricane to hit the state, and so just watch it yourself and make up your own mind and if you need to doing something with your wi-fi while the debate's going down then just download porn or click on the link above and let the professionals take care of you and just leave me out of it, dun.

Vermin Supreme '04. word.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004 ? 2004

I mean, come on, drudge. Is this really the best you can do? $50 a barrel oil for the first time in the history of the world and you bump into a 72-point font the fact that John Kerry got a tan??? "Skin transition???" Thanks for the blue dress, dude, but you gotta do better than this.

Monday, September 27, 2004

MyDD :: Holy F---ing Jim Crow

Ohio Secretary of State makes two decisions to limit citizens ability to vote. See also recent moves by MO Sec. of State/ Gubenatorial Candidate Matt Blunt.

Vietnam ain't the only thing in this election giving off the old funk of the 60's....Some of these elections officials are rocking Malcolm X's "By Any Means Necessary", whoa.
Rivals Once More (

"'You don't want to get on the wrong side of both of them. They can crack the whip,' said Henning, 62, who coached under Gibbs in Super Bowl XVII and XXII and under Parcells with the New York Jets. 'People might see Bill that way because he's more confrontational with the press. I've seen Bill charm the balls off a pool table. The beauty of both of them is that they know when to push the buttons.'"

Bugel said, "Behind closed doors, he [Gibbs] can rip your shirt off, and knock your teeth out."

There is nothing like Redskins-Cowboys. Nothing. Here's to football.