Tuesday, May 21, 2002

so alissa (a-money) just left town, it was good to see her, although I wish I could have shown her a little bit more of la than destro's basement. oh well, she'll be back.

my dad's in town, so that means that I get to eat well for a few days. we went to the sushi bar at matsuhisa last night, the place that zagat rates highest in the whole town for food. all i have to say: holy fucking shit. i've been to that place before, but each time i eat there it blows my mind and I just want to roll around naked in raw fish. sorry for the mental image, everyone.

also feel free to e-mail me if you want to, especially if you know why hunter s. thompson is in beruit. i'm assuming that this means that he's at least attempting a return to somewhat serious journalism after the last decade or so of his lunatic drivel for espn.com and others. i subscribe to the school of thought that his last really readable and insightful work was fear and loathing on the campaing trail '72 and that everything past that was either a) him too fried in the noggin to really say much or b) him calling it in for a paycheck, just tossing together some rambling about booze, peacocks, and paranoia and sending it through the mojo machine to people always willing to gobble it up (myself often included). anyway, let me know, if you know.

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