Thursday, May 23, 2002

a few quick notes:

-i cant believe it's actually thursday already. that rocks, especially because of the three day weekend and the official start of summer. i wish everyone barbeques and the beach this weekend. let the summer begin.

-i just heard from Abigail for the first time in years. awesome. she is my favorite librarian ever. my decimals get all dewey whenever i think of her.

-liz is coming out to LA in mid june to play. that rules. there will constant visitors and new arrivals this whole summer. the air will be thick with blood and whiskey. in a good, secret agent way, not a oh shit my drunk friend is in a puddle of blood and whiskey sort of way.

-the library of congress just gave the bozak to the riaa, which means web radio, like KWUR can keep making our lives better. this, along with the aforementioned abigail, is why i like librarians.

-there's a place called record surplus douwn the road. im going during lunch...

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