Sunday, May 19, 2002

inspired by sixo and liz, and being bored at work on a sunday, im going to start one of these. if you don't know me here's my life and this should get you caught up to the present day. i was born 2/22/78 in baltimore, then shipped to dc and lived on capitol hill for two years until my folks got scared and moved to the suburbs outside of dc. i went to high school in dc, and led a bit of a rock and roll existance there, then went to college in st. louis, led a bit of a hip-hop existance there, then graduated and moved back into my parents attic in dc. after 6 months of that i was going crazy and neeeded to get out and come out to los angeles. so i did. that was a year ago. i lived in west hollywood for 9 months or so. i moved out to silverlake, a less glitzy, more rockin neighborhood just a bit northeast of downtown in january. and now i'm bored at work on a sunday and so here's a blog. i'm going to go play with it now that you have the basic gist of my life down.

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