Sunday, May 19, 2002

shit. i just wrote like a page and a half and it dissapears into the ether. it was funny too. i'm still at work at 11. im getting tired and now im's the gist of what i wrote, im not going to write the whole thing again:

i shouldn't be at work on god's day, but i'm getting mad overtime and getting paid for watching tv and fucking around on the internet. cool with me. 13 hours + at time and a half.

i'm a dork/simcity 3000 is ruining my life.

it kept me from checking my cell phone messages last night and finding aout about a house party that the lords of altamont were playing. they rule and it would have been more fun than what i did last night, im sure.

it made me go back home at 2 or 3 am and keep playing the game and when my friend matt came over he tried, first mentally and they physically to get me to stop playing and interact socially and instead i ended up stabbing him a couple times with a corkscrew to keep him from getting between me and my gaming.

simcity 3000 unlimited is the opposite of sex. when that movie came out my now roommate max and i argued about what the opposite of sex really was. he maintains to this day that it's marijuana. i think it's this game, cause you can interact with people while smoking weed and can have sex while you're stoned, but you cant do either of those things when you're in the evil grip of this game.

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