Monday, February 10, 2003

wow. I'm finally home. I'm back at work today and I'm exhausted. 4035 miles. 14 days. 12 shows. 200+ pictures. lots of f'n rock and roll. thanks to the walkmen for having me, and for the celeste, thanks to the hot hot heat and crew for making the trip so much fun, and thanks to the thermals, detatchment kit, and all the other opening bands for being so great as well. thanks to the apes for rocking my socks off in san diego.

I will have selected pictures up by the end of the week. there are a bunch of pictures that just look bad because i was experimenting with camera settings and I won't make you wade through them. the winners should be up by wednesday or thursday. others will probably end up on the walkmen, hot hot heat, thermals, and apes web sites. I may send a few to spin or other music mags because there are a couple that are that good.

the recoys record is at the presses right now and will be in stores in a few months. future Realistic Records release schedule looks like this:

summer 2003: Colin Steel LP. Colin is one of my best friends and he's been holed up in a brooklyn loft with a guitar, bass, drum set, and a bunch of recording equipment for more than 2 years and this record will be one of the results. he played me a few songs when i was back in dc for christmas and they blew my funky mind.

fall/winter 2003: The B.O.T.S: The Robots Are Back. The B.O.T.S. is a rap group made up of some of your favorite rock and rollers, including Ham from the Walkmen, Hugh (now of French Kicks), beats and rhymes from Damon (formerly one of the Recoys' bassmen), nicole (sometimes a lil' fighter), my boy Steve Moscatello, and some other dudes. They did an album a few years ago that still circulates in in-the-know circles and may someday find re-release on Realistic Records, but this will be an all-new album. the B.O.T.S. will go into the studio at some point this year, and hopefully this record will be on your turntables and blowin' up the clubs by the end of 2k3. i will probably drop a rhyme or two on the album as well. werd.

my car smells so bad.

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