Thursday, February 13, 2003

before more pictures, a few notes:

the website for my label, realistic records, is up and running. if you can't reach it, it means that for whatever reason the DNS servers don't know where it is yet so just wait a few hours or a day and you'll get there. it's not pretty, but it's there.

jinners: yes, that's me.

thank god for presidents, except our current one, for providing me with a paid holiday when i so desperately need one. you should have heard my back crack this morning when i stretched. i'm tenser than a tightrope.

between "buy a lot of duct tape" and "duck and cover" we should be pretty well protected from any weapons of mass destruction, right? oh, and to all my friends, they said we should have a meeting place in case of attack. I'll meet you guys at the glowing edge of that gaping hole where downtown used to be. any problems just hit me on my cellie. we can wrap ourselves in plastic sheets like it's fetish night. i call not the gimp this time.


from the side of the road, we try and look tough:

backstage in goleta, near santa barbara:
walt throws out the "sleazy" vibe.
paul's fingers, faster than a speeding shutter.
dante of the hot hots keeps it grimey, ya heard? "your cadence is off..."

and onstage in goleta, a few moments later:
pete 10 seconds before he falls asleep on stage.
ham 9 seconds later, before he punches pete in the chest to wake him up. also, paul at the very moment he realizes that he can get away with absolutely anything, as he is usually the quiet one and noone would ever suspect him.

more later, my friends. these are just some to make your morning less soggy.

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