Thursday, March 20, 2003

count up: 16.5 hours into the war

media notes: CNN was tripping all over itself last night, understandably of course, but they were still getting the hang of live 'embedded' reporters and you could often hear 3 or 4 people screaming at once, stepping on each others coverage. still riveting. i can't get enough of the embedded reporters: it sure beats the defense dept. breifing releases of video from '91.

rock and 'let's roll': here are those gogol bordello pictures from tuesday night at the echo. it was a terrific, raucis show. everyone had a great time (you could tell that the gogols were having a blast) and we got out a lot of nervous energy. it was clear that war was coming, and soon, and everyone here must have had that in the front or back of their mind. for real, why else would so may hipsters dance like they were under 21?

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