Thursday, March 20, 2003

count up: 20 hours into the war

Realistic Records :: View topic - EL I denken, daß Sie jetzt weggehen sollten oder essen meine

from realistic records' colorado correspondant:
"everything is closed because of the snow. all the restaurants are dark. there's only one place open and the lights were just blazing and the whole town was in there. i keep forgetting what's fucked up because of the snow and what's fucked up because of the war. because here they seem strongly connected. i felt like things were closed and dark because of the threat of air raids. they had the news on in the bar, just shots of baghdad. camera crews perched on top of buildings, hoping to get a good shot of the first explosion. and when bush came on the bartender turned on the sound and turned off the stereo and everyone leaned out to watch, as if he was going to say anything of any import. and he made his speech, and the screen went back to quiet shots of baghdad. the bartender turned the sound back off and turned the stereo back on and christina aguilera's "beautiful" was just ending, followed closely by "oops i did it again." so that's the beginning of my wartime experience. "

thanks el, i do not think your drawings are pretentious. i promise.

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