Sunday, February 02, 2003

last: san diego. great fucking show last night. there was an opening band called the apes that blew up the spot. they're from dc and they deffinitely have a svenonious vibe but in a really pleasant way. after the show i almost rumbled or had a push-up contest with the hot hot's tour manager outside the club in order to honor america. but there was fear in his eyes and we rescheduled it for bellingham, washington, when we get really bored. then we ealked out to the pier and got really drunk and talked about kool keith.

current: at home again, for one last show in LA at the echo. it hasn't really felt too much like a tour since i've been sleeping in my own bed so much. but that ends tomorrow when we start north, and we'll be at the canadian border by friday.

next: santa barbara. it should be pleasant.

personal: jinners, i get back east once or twice a year and I'd love to party down when i'm in nyc. it's weird how much i party with other bloggers, by the way. did you know when you microwave a hotel phone the message light turns on even if it's not plugged in?

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