Thursday, May 15, 2003

talk amongst yourselves

and as a bonus somewhere in the link above there's another recoys mp3, this time it's "the blizzard of '93," later reworked by the walkmen as "the blizzard of '96."

the actual blizzard of '96 was my favorite of the two because it litterally froze DC solid, there was 1-2 inches of solid ice over the entire city (over every surface, streets, sidewalks, trees, etc.) and it was impossible to go anywhere so everyone stayed at home and read and went sledding and the like for almost 2 weeks. it happened right when our first semester final exams of senior year were scheduled and they delayed them and delayed them and in the end they just cancelled them so instead of feeling like we had to stay home and study during this extended break from school in the end everyone could slip and slide around their neighborhood and drink beers, etc.

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