Monday, May 12, 2003

eBayin' it

I'm starting to sell off some of my records. not my guaranteed party rockers, just a couple hard to find underground rap records whose potential value in dollars far exceeds the number of times I've actually listened to them. hopefully i can get around $200 for one of the first eminem records.

I'm also considering the great derek detox experiment. as in, let's see how long i can go without taking a drink. i'm thinking maybe i could go a month. i can easily go till friday - i usually don't drink during the week - but then my boozehound buddies come into the picture and things get all pear shaped and, but that's where the challenge comes in. and so, an invitation: join me in going straightedge (except for the no fucking part) for as long as you can, just for the hell of it, whoever goes longest without the sauce, etc., gets a prize and respect. who's with me?

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