Monday, March 10, 2003

Synth Pap - New York's revival of '80s pop (FISCHERSPOONER) produces the worst album of the year. By Gerald Marzorati

now i know that these guys are to some degree down with my boys the walkies and the french kicks, but i don't get it. i listened to the promo 3-song thing that they were giving out at the VICE store here in silverlake, and well, umm, i don't get it. did you have to be there or something? such a strong backlash indicates that there IS likely something worthwhile there, but i don't get it. i didn't hate it as much as this guy did, but i still didn't get it. VICE's last hero, andrew wk, i got, and i sort of dug how divinely stupid and fun it was, but i get the feeling that fischerspooner is trying to get away with something, like the joke is us, and that VICE is jumping on a) because they're getting mad loot to do so and b) because they're sort of lost these days (that 'retarded' issue? come on guys you used to be funny and a tad ballsy and you got props for doing an article on DC's own Blelvis, who was the black elvis when kool keith was still in ultramagnetic mc's, but now you're just pushing $200 suede track suits that were stupid looking a year ago and going to coke parties.) but that's not on fischerspooner. them i just don't get.

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