Wednesday, March 12, 2003

saw the sharp-ease last night at a tiny club in west hollywood. there only 30 or so people there, but they rocked it. their new stuff sounds good. they're actually in the middle of recording it right now for their LP -- they're doing the drum tracks this week, apparently. the're playing around LA a lot these next few weeks, which i think is a good style while recording: you can keep the spontenaity of the live shows going in the studio, and you can also get the weird kinks and stresses of the studio out on stage. i hope it goes well for them. download the .mp3 on their web page and keep an eye/ear out for the long-playing record. hopefully we will be able to do something with them in the future, maybe a 7" or a split or something. i love paloma's voice/diction: very new-wave/post-punk, clean and strong. i'm going to sleep now. cheers to the modern age for another link, i envy your traffic and your efficient site design and your rock and roll scoops. you are the drudge of the nyc rock scene.

speaking of which, this will be the first drudge war, just as the last war was the first cnn war. that one web site (thanks, in part, to the corporate dominance of the country's newsrooms) has replaced the entire field of investigative reporting. and how it (he?) covers the war and breaks stories will affect the course of the war and the world's reaction to it at least as much as the brand new 21,000 pound (tonn?) bomb will.

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