Monday, November 04, 2002

some punks pulled a jack move

so there was a great haloween party on friday, great costumes, much drunken dancing and hilarity...good times, you know? pictures to come. then the next morning I head back to the spot to pick up my equipment (turntables, mixer, records) and it seems someone had beaten me to it. luckily they left one of the two crates that I had taken, so i didn't lose all my super-party hits, and some other bits and pieces of my setup, including my speakers. the party was in a garage behind a house and it didn't get locked up well enough and some fools must have come back after the party and taken my gear. i've gotten bummed out about it on and off since then, but a)the folks who live there are helping to replace the stuff and b) I've lost people and i've lost stuff, and it's a hell of a lot better to lose stuff than it is to lose people.

in other news, the skins are coming together and i see a playoff bid, and after having knocked off the only remaining undefeated team in my fantasy football league, the Buck Wheaton Bees are looking like a sure fantasy super bowl contender.

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