Wednesday, November 06, 2002

election thoughts (italics = late edits and aditions):

2 and out: the republicans will fuck everything up enough domestically that they will be out in 04, including W. no excuses, they must produce, as they control it all. but enough centrist gop'ers in congress will flip on each issue that they won't get too much through. but arguing that some of them have morals and that's why their agenda didn't push through won't cut it at the polls.

that's contingent upon a complete gutting and rebuilding of the democratic party. mcauliffe is out of there. within the week. and who can/will stand up to the challenge? i think it's got to be one of the clintonites, panetta maybe?

how politically genius was pulling harvey pitt at the exact moment that his resignation could not command any attention? it got buried last night in the first returns, after polls closed in the east and with only an hour or two left in the west, and it won't trump analysis these next few days. wow. well done.

how long till the first supreme court retirement?

shashi: you got your SF city pot. happy now, hippy?

i fell bad for old connie mo. from MD-8th.

go manzullo. (IL - 16th).

thank god there's no secession. (although, the valley and hollywood are two of the grimiest parts of LA).

voting for davis or simon felt like votting for saddam or saddam. but i voted green. i didn't throw my vote away, i recycled it.

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