Thursday, September 30, 2004 : Noted Now: ABC News' Political News Digest

some of my constituants have been asking about real-time debate blogging. I'll leave that to others, whose job it is to blog debates instead of enjoying debates, coctails, and snide comments in real life with real people.

that said, I will be taking lots of pictures as the Wash U debate goes down next friday and will generally be stepping it up around here as a service to those of you who can't actually go and ask those stoners on the 'hot rock' how they feel about the increasing cost of prescription drugs, &c.

but that's next week, and this week is Florida, and a sort-of fifth hurricane to hit the state, and so just watch it yourself and make up your own mind and if you need to doing something with your wi-fi while the debate's going down then just download porn or click on the link above and let the professionals take care of you and just leave me out of it, dun.

Vermin Supreme '04. word.

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